Better Commerce

A suite of standalone modules working together

We help you better manage your operations with our suite of powerful modules. They can be used independently or together, learning from each other and bringing real value to your business. Our modules provide the features you need to scale confidently, with all the core benefits you should expect from a cutting edge solution, to ensure BetterCommerce.

Ecommerce storefront

Fully transactional & managed eCommerce website for retail customers with all the required B2C and B2B capabilities

Product Information Management

Complete control of product information and merchandising including variants, product sizes, descriptions, location, and digital media


Merchandise product collection with simple drag & drop. Use our powerful promotions engine to boost your business & build dynamic product collections to improve product discovery.

Content Management

Full control over of the homepage i.e., banners, navigation, promoted items and design with no development resources required.

Order Management

Full end to end capabilities for processing orders, pick/pack process, exception tracking, returns process, stock availability, managing split orders and pre-orders, one centralised price list and managing POs between suppliers. The OMS communicates with the eCommerce platform and the front end via rest-based API. Hence, it is ready to adapt and get integrated with any other eCommerce platforms as well.


Our centralised Analytics module tracks your entire commerce operations. The underlying platform brings together data from all customer touchpoints to deliver a 360-degree view of the customer and get access to all existing reports including returned, damaged and best performing products.

We offer a suite of these Headless Commerce APIs and Modules that work together as a platform or independently to address your pain points at your pace and budget by integrating with your existing technology investments. It’s whatever works best for you.